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It is very important to understand that couples who use collaborative law to resolve issues arising between them following separation must each appoint a lawyer who has been specially trained in the process.

To save you time and effort finding suitably trained professionals, Collaborative Family Lawyers Illawarra Shoalhaven has been formed. All of the members understand the collaborative process. This means that couples can each select a lawyer (from different firms) within the group and be assured that the lawyer can successfully represent them.

Contact details for the lawyers are included in their firm’s profile, simply click on the name of the firm you are interested in for more information.
Please note that any enquiries made through this website are obligation free and will be treated confidentially.

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Lawyer Email Firm Website
Lynda Babister Babister Legal
Adam Barlow RMB Lawyers
Peter Chodat Kells The Lawyers
Tibor Csapo Fulcrum Legal
Hayley Kelloway RMB Lawyers
Lorelle Longbottom DGB Lawyers
Lorraine Lopich Lopich Lawyers
Anne Mowbray Acorn Lawyers
Claire Osborne RMB Lawyers
Franca Parolin Kells The Lawyers
Claire Stenos DGB Lawyers
Tania Sward Sward Law
Rita Thakur Rita Thakur & Assoc.
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