Collaborative Family Law

What is Collaborative Family Law?
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Collaborative family law is a new way of resolving issues that arise out of relationship breakdown. In a collaborative process, parties and their lawyers agree to work together to create fair solutions to their financial or child-related issues without involving the court.

A collaborative approach allows for greater co-operation between the various professionals involved in helping families. People involved in a collaborative process will have access to child specialists, counsellors, accountants and financial advisers who bring their expertise to the process when necessary. This frees up the lawyers to concentrate on helping people negotiate and focus on creating a fair settlement.

Collaborative family law has been used in the USA and Canada since the early 1990s and more recently in the UK, Ireland and Europe. It is recognised as a successful means of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

What are the benefits?

Collaborative family law allows you to retain control of the decision-making process following separation. A lawyer or judge is not deciding your property settlement or parenting arrangements for you, and you can be sure that your interests are considered and addressed.

The collaborative law process also aims to reduce conflict between separating couples by negotiating an outcome that suits everyone. Many couples find that this leads to a more harmonious relationship in after separation – which is very important when children are involved and on-going contact is necessary in parent them properly.

Why should you consider collaborative family law?

Generally speaking, collaborative family law allows you to resolve the issues surrounding your separation in the way that best suits your family. It saves you, and your children, from becoming tied up in a court case, reduces the high stress on a family that separation creates, and makes sure that the best interests of all family members are considered. It also creates a solid foundation for your future life.

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